New album release

GUT STRING RECORDS releases the debut album “GUITAROLOGY" for the Jazz Guitar Duo of Dennis Pol and George Koutsi. In an intimate setting such as a guitar duo, the music blends bebop melodies, blues feeling and sparkling solos, all with presence of a constant communication between the two instrumentalists. The album is consisted of eight original compositions.

Mr. Neal Miner, jazz bassist and owner of Gut String Records has written the liner notes for the album:

“The guitar duo of Dennis Pol and George Koutsi is a truly special ensemble. Supposedly opposites attract, but in this case these two young Greek Jazz guitarists have a unique and effortless simpatico. Although their styles and influence are similar, both Dennis (who is panned to the left), and George (who is panned to the right), offer their distinct personalities while seamlessly supporting one another with precise, swinging rhythm and lyrical solos that tell a soulful story. Instead of being a cutting contest, this recording is actually a mutual admiration society, demonstrating trust, teamwork and great taste…

…I welcome you to sit back, relax, turn off that phone or computer, dim the lights, and allow yourself to be transported on a memorable and engaging musical ride. Dennis Pol and George Koutsi know just how to blend their distinctive sounds with their impeccable and relaxed time feel.

It is rare to hear young players with such a deep understanding of the Jazz tradition, who also internalize the music and its language and communicate it in such a personal fashion.

I predict great things for these two talented musicians. Enjoy the sounds…I certainly did!”

—Neal Miner